Distance and Error Measurement for Wireless Sensor Network System Localization Using RSSI Measurement

Document Type : Original Article


Dept.of Electrical Engineering, Fayoum University, Fayoum, Egypt.


Wireless sensor network is used to detect the change in the copper cables and fiber cables pipelines environment in order to identify and prevent faults and failures in various systems. This paper focuses on communication cables pipelines that span a few kilometers (1-2 km). Those cables and their tracks are buried under the ground for a very long time without maintenance. Communication devices are not fully functioning in high temperature environment. Also, moisture could increase water ratio in the surrounding soil causing problems in these communication cables pipelines functionality. In case of problem occurrence, actions are taken to solve the problem after its existence. To reach the target , we use a network of wireless sensors to detect the changes in the surrounding atmosphere then transmit these changes to a base
station (sink) located far away from the remote site. The location of the blind node (nodes that are not aware with their position in the grid of the network) among the other nodes is automatically determined. By calculating the Received Signal Strength Indicator - RSSI of the sensor nodes. The collected data and position estimated techniques are being validated. The results showed an acceptable localization error as the error in the node location was 0.74m and when the anchor nodes increased from three to four nodes, the localization error decreases from 0.74m to 0.56m, this means that the localization error decreases by 0.18m when add one more anchor node. The proposed technique offers the requirements of accuracy with simple hardware, without complex timing also with less bandwidth sensitive and low cost which greatly
enhance the scope of localization site-based applications.