Working out a Method for Choosing and Calculating the Key Parameters and Characteristics of Onboard Remote Sensing Electro-Optical Systems

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1 Egyptian Armed Forces.

2 Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK),Moscow.


Working out a method for choosing and calculating the key parameters and characteristics of the Onboard Remote Sensing ElectroOptical systems ORSEOS, where in the formulas for determination of the interconnection between the spatial from perspective distortions and the temporal, energetic and spectral resolutions of that ORSEOS for remote sensing application for a variety of scene viewing modes is offered. These dependences can be compared with the user's requirements, upon the permission values of the design parameters of the modern main units of the electro-optical system. This method may be help in selecting the operational geometrical-optical scanning scheme of the ORSEOS that mounted on the flying vehicle.