Performance evaluation of deceptive and noise jamming on SAR focused image

Document Type : Original Article


Egyptian Armed Forces.


Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has been involved in military applications such as high resolution imaging, battle field surveillance, and moving target detection. Recently noise and deception jamming signal are introduced to counter SAR sensor, thus these jamming techniques can be used to protect ground targets or objects of high interest. In this paper, a comparative study of the performance of the deceptive and the noise jamming on a SAR focused image, with and without jamming, is performed. Two evaluations craterous, structural similarity index measure (SSIM), and correlation coefficient (CC) are used to measure the previous jamming techniques effect on a real SAR focused image (object of high interest). The computer based simulation results, reveal that for the same CC, the power required by the deceptive jamming is reduced by three order of magnitude compared with the power required by conventional noise jamming, mean while for the same SSIM the required power is reduced by nearly two order of magnitude.