Modern Innovative Electricity Transmission Technologies

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Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Egyptian Academy For Engineering and Advanced Technology Affiliated To The Ministry of Military Production, Cairo, Egypt.


Nowadays technology plays a main role in our life. This era is innovative technology time. Many obstacles appear in power transmission. In the past, the electrical power used to be transmitted by wiring. This way was effective because of short transmission distance. But now with the spreading, long distance transmission and varying requirements use electricity, about half of the electricity resources are wasted during its transmission and distribution. Thus, the world needs an innovative solution for electrical transmission power especially the high power. Wireless technology invades all life fields due to its merits. One of these merits is the cost associated with maintaining direct connectors. Beside to usefully daily
charging electronic instruments. Other helpful merit is the wireless transmitting power of objects that should be hermetically sealed or sterilized. Also, electronic devices can be fully enclosed to reduce or overcome the risk of corrosion. Due to these merits and others, the wireless power transmission should be used as a solution for power transmission. So, wireless electricity (WiTricity) technology is used. This paper presents the WiTricity technology.