Wake Effect on the Construction and Cost of Variable Speed Wind Farm

Document Type : Original Article


1 Professor of Electrical Power Engineering,Faculty of engineering, Minia University, Elminia, Egypt Member of Steering Committee of International MiddleEast Power Systems Conference, Mepcon.

2 Engineer in Middle Egypt Company for Electricity Distribution, Elminia, Egypt.


This paper focuses on construction of wind farm, variable speed wind farm operation and weak effects on the power production from wind farm by using Jensen's weak model. This methodology can be done by using Matlab program.
The objective of every wind farm designer is producing as maximum, as possible of energy, with minimal cost of installation. The optimization is done by the minimum cost per unit of energy produced. In this study an algorithm has been developed to solve the rule of thumb a wind farm layout based on the wake model of Jensen. It has the capacity to estimate the optimal number of total power produced in wind farm, in comparison with predominant wind farm. Five different wind turbines types have been used.