Tissue-Equivalent Phantoms Recognition Employing Hyperspectral Imaging

Document Type : Original Article


1 Egyptian Armed Forces.

2 Faculty of Health sciences, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.


The incessant innovations, of hyperspectral imaging (HSI), and data mining algorithms,
express the necessity for developing reliable assessment and comparison means. In
medical applications of HSI, for instance, one of the means of assessment is tissueequivalent
phantoms. These phantoms are designed to mimic the spectral behavior of
the real living tissues. In this work, gel-based-phantoms are prepared with altered
ingredients. The gel phantom’s ingredients include India ink, and Intralipid to provide
absorption and scattering respectively. Unlike visual assessment, and photography, HSI
for succeeded to identify the various phantoms based on its spectral signature. In
conclusion, we introduce a simple method to evaluate the performance of newly
developed optical imaging techniques including HSI via an affordable, inexpensive, and
easy to make phantoms.