Behavior of Different Physiological Markers in Relation to Computer Based Mental Activities

Document Type : Original Article


1 Egyptian Armed Forces.

2 Electrical Eng. Dep., Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Future University in Egypt.


Mental stress is the response of human body subjected to any mental activities.
Jobs, study, and major life changes can be classified as mental stressors, humans
can be normally subjected to mental stress. However, paying attention and
monitoring minor and major mental stress activities assist in protection from mental
health risk and control human’s performance.
Many researchers studied different responses from mental activities to identify the
most related marker in relation to the subjected mental activity. However, it is still a
challenge. One of the most frequently used computer based mental tasks is Stroop
color test that shows a great influence on subjects’ responses. In this paper,
experimental comparison is applied between different responses of physiological
markers in relation to laboratory mental stressor based on Stroop color test.