The Microstructure Variation of Ti6Al4VELI During Excimer Laser 308nm Irradiation

Document Type : Original Article


Dr.eng. Consultant in materials sciences & materials applications, Egypt.


In these work ,the effects of laser irradiation on microstructure and performance of Ti6Al4VELI alloy have been studied by qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques, volume fraction of secondary phase, shape factors, number of particles of secondary phase, mean free path and grain size number were studied at different laser irradiation conditions. The effect of the amount of absorbed energy were represented by the variation in the number of pulses from 2000 pulses to 50000 pulses. Excimer laser irradiation is performed directly in the air and without any intermediate media. The volume fraction of the secondary phase b and α phase changed in the microstructure of Ti6Al4VELI alloy gradually with increase in laser dosages. Physical metallurgy considerations is the tool to understand the microstructure of any alloy system at specified laser irradiation conditions, the phase relationships and constitution of the system being studied.