Volume & Issue: Volume 9, 9th International Conference on Electrical Engineering ICEENG 2014, May 2014 
Interference Effect on the Post-Correlation Carrier to Noise Ratio for GPS Receiver

Pages 1-15

Mohammad K. Bek; sherif Elgamel; Ehab Shaheen; Khairy A. El-Barbary

Estimation of IEEE802.11a Signal Parameters using Power Spectrum Properties

Pages 1-13

Hazem M. Sakr; Ehab M. Shaheen; Sherif Elgamel; Ahmed S. Elmahdy

Simulation Study of the Effect of Chopping Jamming on LFM Pulse Compression Radar

Pages 1-13

A. Abu El-Fadl; Fathy M. Ahmed; Mohamed Samir A.; Alaudeen H. Asseesy

Intelligent Laser Angle Detection Using Fuzzy Data Fusion

Pages 1-15

Ahmed H. Shemais; Mohamed Elkhatib; Yehia Z. Elhalwagy

Fuzzy Logic Based Induction Motor Condition Monitoring

Pages 1-6

Hossam E. A. Talaat; Mohamed Ezzat; Ahmed Mohamed Saleh

Power Factor Correction for Three Phase Induction Motor Drive System

Pages 1-25

Haitham. Z. Azazi; E. E. EL-Kholy; S. A. Mahmoud; S. S. Shokralla

Modeling, Analysis and Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generators for Wind Turbines

Pages 1-17

Mahmoud M. Badreldien; Usama R. Abouzayed; Amged S. El-Wakeel; Almoataz Y. Abdelaziz

Simulation and Performance Analysis of Passive Optical Networks (PONs).

Pages 1-11

Mostafa Ghathor; Ayman M. Mokhtar; Samy S. Ghoniemy

Octagonal Monopole Antenna with Band-Notched characteristics for UWB applications

Pages 1-11

Ahmed A. Ibrahim; Hesham F.A. Hamed; Sama Ahmed; Mai Hany; Rania Emad

Ontology Matching Algorithms: Comparative Analysis

Pages 1-5


Power Quality Indices

Pages 1-8

Alaa Eldin ABD EL AZIZ; Ahmed FATEHY; Khalaf RUSHDY

Benchmarking the EE of Administrative Buildings

Pages 1-9

Ibrahim Yassin; Kamelia Youssef; Michael Nagy

Investigation on Electromagnetic Launching for Single Stage Coilgun

Pages 1-9

Hany M. Mohamed; Mahmoud A. Abdalla; Abdelaziz A. Mitkees; W. Sabry

Flashover Performance of contaminated HV Outdoor Insulators in Egypt

Pages 1-12

M. M. Abouelsaad; M. A. Abouelatta; B. A. Arafa; M. E. Ebrahim

Improving Power Flow of Power Transmission System Using UPFC

Pages 1-16

Heba Allah R. Ahmed; T. S. Abdel Salam; M. A. Mostafa; M. A. L. Badr

Automatic control of load power factor

Pages 1-13

M. Ammar; S. Eskander; Ibrahim m. Safwat

Ultrasound Tissue Mimicking Materials Using 2% Agar based phantom

Pages 1-7

Mohamed E. Rabie; Mustafa F. Ahmed; Andrew D. Mann; Shashang J. Singhal

Leukemia Cancer Comparative Classifires Suite

Pages 1-6

Ahmed Abd El-Nasser; Mohamed Shaheen; Hesham El-Deeb

High Speed 1-tap Decision Feedback Equalizer in 28 nm CMOS

Pages 1-12

Mostafa Hosny; Sameh Ibrahim; DiaaEldin Khalil; Mohamed Dessouky