Volume & Issue: Volume 6, 6th International Conference on Electrical Engineering ICEENG 2008, May 2008 
Transient response of loop antenna using SEM -FDTD Method

Pages 1-13

Hossam A. Elshiekh; Essam A. Eldiwani; Mohamed E. Nasr; Abdel-Aziz T. Shalabi

Antenna array design for low earth observation satellites

Pages 1-15

H. H. El-Banna; A. A. Mitkees; A. M. Allam; M. M. Mokhtar; M. A. Zayan

Performance enhancement of Yagi-Uda antenna using bulk micromachining technique

Pages 1-7

Walaa wahba ibrahim; A. Hafez. Zaki; Abd-El-Maged Allam; A. Abd-El-Nazir. Ahmed; M. Abd-El-Azez. Mitkes

Security evaluation of VoIP cryptographic algorithms

Pages 1-12

Faiz Yousif Mohmmed; Alaa Eldin Rohiem; Ashraf Diaa Elbayoumy

Receiver simplification in synchronous communication systems: simulation study

Pages 1-11

Mohd. Fadzil Ain; Farid Ghani; Mutamed Khatib; Syed Idris Syed Hassan

Frequency Hopping Overcomes Multipath Fading using FEC

Pages 1-9

Muhammad Asif; Abid Yahya; Othman Sidek; Farid Ghani; Umair Soori

Adaptive pulse shaping for CP-OFDM synchronization

Pages 1-11

Haitham El-Sayed Akah; Aladin Kamel; Hadia El-Hennawy

Design and Implementation of Digital-Up/-Down Frequency Converters

Pages 1-11

Mohamed Hussein Abd-El- Wahab; Khairy Abd-El-Naby Elbarbary; M. Medhat Mokhtar

Modified random interleaver for turbo codes

Pages 1-10

Alaa Eldin. S. Abdelaziz; M. Shokair; A. Abou Elazm

OVSF code generator using single OVSF code index

Pages 1-8

Jinyong Lee; Seongsu Yang; Soojin Kim; Younglok Kim

Channel estimation in mobile WiMAX systems

Pages 1-13

Cheong-Hwan Kim; Dae-Seung Ban; Yong-Hwan Lee

Multiagent System Case study in Network Routing

Pages 1-15

Ismail A. Ghaffar; M. Abo Rizka; Maj. Mohamed. A. ElShafie

A Simple Economic Design Strategy for Passenger Hovercrafts and Its Control Algorithm

Pages 1-15

Mohammed A. Kotb, Adel.Rizk; Tarek H. Elsayed, AbdelRaheem M. Deghedy; Amr M. Ahmad, Elsayed Khadrogy

Exponential stability of Petri net systems

Pages 1-9

Mehdi Foroozanfar; Ali Doustmohammadi; S. K. Y. Nikravesh

UAV Classical Flight Control Systems

Pages 1-10

Elfatih J. Hamdi; Ahmed M. Youssef; Gamal A. Elshiekh


Pages 1-18

S. A. Gawish; R. M. Mostafa; F. A. Khalifa

Diagnostic comparison of water tree growth in XLPE insulated power cables produced in GCC countries

Pages 1-11

A. A. Al-Arainy; M. I. Qureshi; N. H. Malik; M. N. Saati; O. A. Al-Nather; S. Anam

Electrical characterization of Al/methyl-red/Ag schottky diode

Pages 1-8

Zubair Ahmad; M. H. Sayyad; M. Saleem; Khasan S. Karimov; Mutabar Shah

Opto-electronic properties of ITO/CuPc/NiPc/Al and ITO/NiPc/CuPc/Al double junction cells

Pages 1-14

Kh. S. Karimov; I. Qazi; M. Mahroof-Tahir; I. Murtaza; T. Amin; S. Z. Abbas

Cu(II) 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-isopropylphenyl) porphyrin based photo capacitive Detectors

Pages 1-9

Muhammad H. Sayyad; Muhammad Saleem; Khasan S. Karimov; Zubair Ahmad; Mutabar Shah; Muhammad Yaseen; Irshad Khokhar; Mukhtar Ali

Zero skew clock routing for fast clock tree generation

Pages 1-11

M. B. I. Reaz; M. I. Ibrahimy; F. Mohd-Yasin; A. Mohammad

Implementation of hardware genetic algorithm

Pages 1-14

Imbaby I. Mahmoud; May Salama; Asmaa Abdel Tawab

FPGA implementation of the BIST intellectual property core for SRAM chips on the board

Pages 1-29

Mohamed H. El-Mahlawy; Mahmoud S. Hamed; M. H. Abd-El-Zeem; Isa Yossef

A novel design and implementation of FPGA based 3D-CORDIC processor

Pages 1-18

Al-Homosy , G. M.; Abass, Y. M.; Al-Kholy, S. A.; A . M . Rashed

FPGA implementation of OFDM physical layer

Pages 1-10

Hesham M. El Maghraby; Alaa El Din Rohiem; Moataz M. Salah; Medhat Mokhtar

Real time tracking in 3D space by image processing

Pages 1-13

Khalid A. S. Al-Khateeb; Mat Kamil Awang; Othman O. Khalifa

Detection of steel defect using the image processing algorithms

Pages 1-7

M. Sharifzadeh; R. Amirfattahi; S. Sadri; S. Alirezaee; M. Ahmadi

Segmentation of iranian bank checks

Pages 1-7

S. Alirezaee; M. Allahiari; F. Askari; A. Alijamat

Power system modeling, simulation and analysis

Pages 1-10

Taj Mohammad Baloch; Ku Maziana KuMamat; Mas Rizal bin Abd Rahim

Load modeling effect on voltage stability of large scale power systems

Pages 1-19

M. M. Abu-Elnaga; A. Y. Abdelaziz; A. M. Abdeen; M. A. Badr

Optimal Transmission Congestion Management Using FACTS

Pages 1-21

Mohamed Ramadan; A. Y. Abdelaziz; Ezzat A. Mansour; M. A. Mostafa

Predictive-adaptive controller based on fuzzy logic control tool

Pages 1-14

Mahdi M. El-Arini; Zaghlol S. El-Razaz; Ahmed M. Othman


Pages 1-15

K. Abdel-Aty; S. F. Mekhamer; T. S. Abdel-Salam; M. M. Mansour

Adaptive characteristic for compensated transmission lines with STATCOM

Pages 1-11

A. N. Abdel-Latief; A. F. Abdel-Gawad; M. E. Mandour; A. A. Ishak

Achieving real-time Intelligent performance in underwater robotics using cheap off-the-shelf components

Pages 1-17

Ali Ibraheem; Bilal Hassanein; Saad Sharaf; Mohi Ahmad; Mahmoud Magdy; Mohamed Abdelhady; Hamada Attia

Implementation of digital modulation identification on signal processing platform for software defined radio

Pages 1-12

Ahmed M. Bakhraiba; Sabira Khatun; Nor Kamaria Noordin; Alyani Ismail; Borhanuddin Mohd Ali